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NetzlofDesign is thrilled to announce that performance testing of a new printing process has exceeded all expectations and that further performance testing and eventual production is planned. Performance tests were conducted on the process’ ability to print both to decal sheet and direct-to-freight car with both resulting in high quality, legible artwork.
With the ALPS Micro-Dry printing process becoming more expensive and endangered due to dwindling supplies and a lack of support services, NetzlofDesign has been in search of a replacement process to continue to provide hard to find and custom model railroad decals. With this new process, we will be able to continue to serve the model railroading community’s decal needs with increased quality while maintaining competitive pricing. In addition to continuing to produce decals this process will allow us to produce “home road” or other unavailable decorated rolling stock in smaller quantities, with larger number ranges, and at a fraction of the price of traditional custom run services.

Artwork is being transitioned to the new process and sets are being added as time permits.

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