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Night at the Museum
June 18th - Lake Shore Railway Historical Society, North East, PA 

Tapping the Furnace
June 25th - Carrie Steel Works, Pittsburgh, PA

More Events Coming Soon
About Our Events:

Photo Shoots:
Through out the year we search for interesting locations and historical equipment to base night-time photo shoots on, many times involving preservation societies and museums. Once a location is discovered we begin the process of planning what lighting, actors, and props we intend to use for the location to highlight the historical signifigance of the location and equipment.

These events are fun, and all are welcome to attend, not just seasoned photographers! For those that wish to attend but have never performed night-time photography, helpful staff members will be on site to lend a helping hand with settings. Due to the nature of night-time photography a solid tripod is recommended, though not always necessary.

These events are usually weather contingent and may be cancelled or shortened due to inclement weather.

Photo Excursions:
With more than 75 years of combined railfanning experience NetzlofDesign intends to pass on our knowledge of "sweet spots" to anyone interested. These excursions will be scheduled as an all-day event focusing on a specific area or rail line. Please keep an eye on this page for more information as we branch out into this area of events!

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